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Visiting to a farm is not a new concept. We are one of the oldest Organic Farm in Malaysia that has witnessed the evolution of farm-vacationing. In the beginning, people would say:” Oh, there’s a chicken, that is vegetable, these are fruit trees.” Then guests became interested on what actually went on there:” What fertilizer do you give to the plants? How Organic vegetable grow without pesticides?” Now the game has changed. There are questions about food safety, health concern, environment issues, global warming, food politics, self-sustaining, etc… It doesn’t stop.
Farmcation is for people looking for a connection to their food source beyond shopping in supermarkets or local wet markets. You gain a little education in the process which cannot obtain elsewhere especially if you did not grow up in a farm. Farmcation is also for you to get away from hustle bustle city life, slow down and experience an Organic Lifestyle.
2D1N Farm Stay Experience

Connect and re-charge yourself to the power of nature. Slow it down, be grounded, follow the rhythm of nature, and stay in tunes with your inner self for a healthy lifestyle.

Custom Packages

We hope that we can reach to you, share and learn more from each other the path to healthy body, mind and soul.

House Rules
To maintain a clean land for our safe food, we seek for your cooperation, together we spare our effort to keep at least some clean land in our country. Before you visit to our Titi Eco Farm, please take note on some house rules to ensure you have a pleasant trip.
Our Head Office
Titi Eco Farm Resort Sdn Bhd
Titi Eco Organic Food Industry Sdn Bhd
No.28, Jalan SS1/23, Kampung Tunku,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7874 8122
Fax: +603 7873 8191
Our Farm
Kampung Titi, Jelebu
Lot 1706, 1708, 1203, 1349, 1916, Sungai
Rotan, 71650 Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan,