Home Holidays

We have a dream. In that dream is a land where we have fresh air, clean water, safe food and cozy shelters. We would take good care of the plants, crops, animals and in return they would provide us with food that we need. Also in peace with nature, contributing to the environment and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Thus Titi Eco Farm Resort was built, as we believe here, we have a chance to make our dream come true.

Titi Eco Farm is only about one and a half hours drive from the city. It is located 1000 feet above sea level and most importantly away from pollution. The air is fresh, underground mineral water, safe to drink and refreshing. We plant and feed our crops and animals organically in an ecological balanced environment. Our accommodations are a cozy and comfortable retreat nestling in amidst of nature. For any reasons, may it be a gathering, family outing, company trip or even a yoga retreat. Pamper yourself; relax your mind, body and soul as this surely is the perfect place that would allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Nature is the perfect classroom for every one of all ages. We believe through nature, respect can be learnt. May it be respect for the animals, the plants, the farmers, the weather, the land, the earth and on top of all else, respect for the living and Mother Nature.

We wish to share with everyone our ideas and dream where there is no restriction on ages and religions. Through this we hope to show you our genuine commitment to protect the environment and promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. After your time with us and experiencing the lifestyle here, we hope that you will join us as an ally to work together towards a better world and future.