About Us
Our Vision & Mission
Mother Nature is abundant with natural resources
We believe "nature" is our best mentor. Through nature, we learn about "respect". Respect for animals, plants, farmers, weather, land, all living things on earth. Respect for their presence, their responsibilities, and, respect for life and nature. With all the respects, only mother nature can supply food and all resources for living. Hence, we have to make sure she's healthy, stay energized, and do not get poisoned.
Reflects the eco-system management in mother nature
Different places have different climate and environment, which create unique balanced eco-system. It cultivates different plantations, raise different animals. That is to say, people's physical structure is according to local conditions, hence, we should follow the local climate and the environment to grow and eat locally grown food. Blindly follow and eat imported food is go against of nature's ecological system and harm to people's health.
The real food source from nature; the product of nature
In nature, all things are related to each other and coexist. A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. Some animals eat plants, some animals eat other animals. It seems that Mother Nature has its rule of law. Since ancient times, people eat food that grown in nature (non-chemical processing), which is the source of nutrients. Therefore, we insist on eating "real" food, and try to eat them in "whole". Every part of vegetables or fruits has different nutritional and beneficial value. It is the priceless treasure that nature give to people; nurture our life and health.
The Organic Lifestyle; cultivating a better future
To live a good life, we believe that living harmoniously with nature is the basic principle to survive in future. Through Organic Farming, we respect and live harmoniously with nature; gradually practice a self-sufficient living. Through Eco- Tourism, we educate the public especially new generation to experience low-carbon green healthy life, reduce burden to Mother Nature, and let them familiar to the nature being and appreciate it. We believe that as long as we continue respecting the nature, we able to enjoy the endless resources of nature. Eventually, live a truly sustainable lifestyle; an organic lifestyle!
Organic Farming

Reg. No.: 8107
Titi Eco Farm is certified Organic under the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA), accredited by IFOAM, NASAA is one of the most recognized Organic Certified Body world wide. We practice organic farming since the start in 1997, many years of learning and experimenting under the guidance of International Organic Standards, we had never used any form of chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. We grow mostly lowland crops such as Kang Kong, Lettuce, Choy Sum, Kai Lan, French Bean, Long Bean, Brinjal, Lady Finger, Carrot, Radish, Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn, and many more... We also have various types of exotic tropical fruit. They are grown without any toxic substances such as ripening agent simply bring out the best, original taste of the fruits.

We distribute our produce to local Organic Shops. Please check out our vege distributors here. We also offer self-pick-up orders at our PJ Head Office. Please WhatsApp +6011-2090 2061 to ask for more information and check on availability.
Organic Food Processing

Reg. No.: 8113P


We believe that high quality products have to be freshest raw ingredients. With our processing plant setup in the farm, it allows us access to freshly picked harvest directly from farm. We developed a unique production pipeline “From harvest to Production” aim to deliver highest quality Organic food products.

Titi Eco Food Industry Processing Plant is certified under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) system to ensure food hygiene and safety. Our products are certified Organic under (NASAA) and accredited by Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS), International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) and Malaysia Organic Standard (MyOrganic), or formerly known as Skim Organik Malaysia (SOM).

Check out our products here. Please call 03-78748122 or WhatsApp +6011-2090 2061 for more details.
The Farm Founder
Mr Lim is a pioneer of organic farming in Malaysia. A strong proponent of organic food, Mr Lim advocates healthy lifestyle over the last 20 years. He eats, lives and talks organic. He loves to share his experiences in wellness journey, and getting more people go organic!

Grown up in a farmer family, Mr Lim lived close to nature and developed strong connection with earth since young. He started his career as an engineer in his 20s. However due to busy work life over the years, he suffered from health problem at the peak of his career. In his middle age, he realized the importance of adopting healthier lifestyle through balance diet, regular exercise, and maintains a happy state of mind.

Opportunity in going organic sparked when he attended a health talk by Dr. Lai Jiu- nan, the founder of Lapis Lazuli Light. Inspired by her sharing on “Body, Mind & Soul”, Mr Lim wanted to go back to the land and farm in a way that would not harm the natural beauty of the earth and live a more sustainable life.

In 1997, Mr Lim started his new venture in organic farming with a piece of clean land at Titi, a small town in Negeri Sembilan. His switching of career was not well supported by family, as organic industry was still new in Malaysia that time. Nevertheless, he keeps moving forward with persistence. Having gone through sweat and tears for the past two decades, Titi Eco Farm is now a well-known integrated farm comprise of 3 sustainable business concepts – certified organic farm, ecotourism educational farm and certified organic food processing plant.

Mr Lim’s biggest wish is having more conventional farm business turning towards organic farming and production. As the proverb says, “Build more organic farm, eventually reduce the need of hospital”.
The Son
Grew up and raised in the city, Lun had not been to his father’s Organic farm many times before he joined his father in year 2010. Like many others, he was definitely a 100% city boy, and had more connection with computer games, gadgets and technologies than the nature.

After 5 years working in local Design & Animation industry, Lun felt lost and tired in never ending rushing deadlines and countless stay up night. In return of all accomplishment in the industry, he already had mild health problem in his late 20s due to very bad lifestyle. He thought of a change but didn’t know where to start. Mr Lim, his father gave him a chance to try and help out the business while Lun think of his next step. It was not an easy job for Lun and he had to start fresh and start low. Slowly picking up skills he had never taught, Lun started to understand the philosophy of his father’s work, and found joy in nature like his father did. From a city boy to a nature boy, Lun found his true self and would continue his father’s vision in building Titi Eco Farm.
Our Team
Chensy Chan
Not until she met her husband Lun, son of founder of Titi Eco Farm, Chensy did not pay much attention to her lifestyle and had caused her serious health problems. The Organic Lifestyle was new to her and hard to adapt but slowly she felt that her health got improved and she knew that Organic Lifestyle is the way to go.

Joining the team, now she is the head of Administration in Titi Eco Farm and one of the workshop facilitator. She shares her story and hope that could inspire more people to put in more effort in taking care of their health.
Serena Ch’ng
When studying in the university, she picked up her interest on gardening and organic farming. Her internship makes her change her perception on career achievement and living lifestyle. Living in the farm at a young age was consider one of the bravest decision that hardly youngsters will opt for. She is passionate towards sustainable living and hope everyone believes that you can grow your own food. She enjoys working in Titi Eco Farm by planting herbs and flowers in the garden and also educating people on organic living. She always believe that if you do not invest time, money and energy in your health, you will spend your fourtune on sickness.
Thomas Wong
Like his many other friends, Thomas left to work in the city since graduated from high school. Decided to settle down back in his home town, Titi, Thomas has no regret in giving up his busy city life after many years of working. Managing a small boutique shop with his wife, and a durian farm from his father, he now enjoys slower pace working life and has more time spend with his little boy. Thomas joined Titi Eco Farm in 2016 and has important role in managing farm operations to maintain high quality produces, and also a tour guide. His cheerful and humor character made tour around the farm become fun and interesting.
Teh Yoke Ching
Wanted to know more about Organic food processing, Mr Teh joined Titi Eco Food Industry as a Factory Manager since year 2005. Through many years of studying and experimenting, Mr Teh manage to run a HACCP, GMP, NASAA Certified food processing plant and would continue to use his professional skills in developing safe and high quality Organic food products.
Our Head Office
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Our Farm
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